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The new president of Tripura Pradesh Congress Committee, Pradyot Kishore Manikya Debburman was welcomed by the supporters of the Congress in the Maharaja Bir Bikram airport in Agartala on Saturday.

A bike and car rally was organized to welcome the new State Congress president.

Debbarma, also the royal scion of the Manikya dynasty that ruled Tripura for more than 500 years, was the working president of the state Congress and got the new charge from Congress president Rahul Gandhi a few days back.

Later, Debbarman after visiting the workers and leaders at the Congress Bhavan in Agartala met former chief minister and Opposition leader Samir Ranjan Barman at his residence and requested him to work for reviving lost political grounds of the Congress in the State.

He said that under his leadership all Congress persons who felt alienated during the last few years will be taken back to the party and Samir Ranjan Barman is an asset to the Congress party which should give due respect to the seniors.
The TPCC president also said that he had a discussion with Rahul Gandhi and AICC observer for Tripura Luizinho Faleiro one returning old Congress leaders including Barman to rejuvenate the party.

Pradyot said that he aims to end the criminalization of politics and build a party with young educated professionals so that people have the feeling that Congress is the party of the future where good people can feel that they are part of a movement.

He added, “I will try and ensure that criminals cannot enter the party and image of the party improves and acceptable to the young people from various walks of life. I want to make Congress as a more inclusive party and not only in terms of faith and religion but in terms of ideas and responsibilities.”

On the present India-Pakistan situation, the Congress leader said, “I don’t want to involve what’s happening in Pakistan across the border with politics. Our Army is one of the best Armies in the world, our Air Force is one of the best in the world, let them decide what is right for our country. Congress party or BJP has no role to speak on military actions.”

Meantime, in March 2017, Barman was expelled from the party on the allegation of anti-party activities but after meeting the new TPCC president he said that it was a great relief for him to join back to his party and he shall definitely go by what his president says.