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A large number of Congressmen who had joined the BJP in the run-up to the last assembly polls in February 2018 hoping for a positive change yesterday returned home to their ancestral home in beleaguered Congress yesterday in a programme held in Banamalipur. The returnees included Radheshyam Saha who has set a record of sorts in party hopping. Statistical data vary on the numerics of returnees but a few hundred did return. Upon their return they expressed despair and disappointment over their experience in BJP over the past one year   and hoped Congress would return to power in Tripura by inflicting a crushing defeat on the BJP candidates in the upcoming Loksabha elections.

What will ultimately happen to their fate is still unclear but leaders of the Congress party in Tripura, newly appointed PCC president Pradyot Kishore, former chief minister Samir Ranjan Barman and former MLA Gopal Roy also sounded grandiloquent in their optimism over Congress undoing the history of twenty five years consecutively  and ten years before that out of power . Since joining CPI (M) is anathema for former or even incumbent Congressmen, their lone option is to leave BJP in which they had rested hopes for a revival of fortune. In a significant turnaround the new PCC president Pradyot Kishore declared his first priority as working for people regardless of racial or caste identity.