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The education department of Tripura government has decided to conduct a survey on state of foundational status of school education in Tripura. This decision follows release of details of educational standards on the basis of a countrywide survey conducted by an NGO operating under the banner of 'Pratam Education Foundation' based on findings in the year 2018. The minister for school education Ratan Lal Nath said that the survey will be conducted among all students between class-III and class-VIII all over the school. After the findings come out in detail the state government will take affirmative action to upgrade the standards of education .
Official sources however said that the education department was deeply concerned over the findings of the survey conducted by the NGO which shows that 55% of students reading in class-V can not read Bengali text books of class-II. More alarmingly, 47% students of class VI can not read Bengali text books of class II. More than 10% of students of class VI can not read words, specially compound words in Bengali. The picture found by the survey in the subject of mathematics is still more fearsome : 52% of students of class V can not work out subtraction and 81% of students can not work out divisions. More than 53% of students of class VI can not work out subtraction sums while 69% of students of class VIII can not divide numbers in sums. Such instances are endless but the conditions in states of Mizoram and Manipur are far better.

Making no comment on the findings of the NGO-conducted survey sources in education department admitted that the conditions of primary or basic education in Tripura was really bad and troubled . They asserted that the state government was planning to launch a positive action programme to improve things in the primary and early secondary level of education.