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Tripura seems to be all set to have its named registered in the Guinness Book of world records as far as sacking teachers by judicial order is concerned. In a stern order passed yesterday the division bench of Tripura high court comprising chief justice Sanjay Karol and Justice Arindam Lodh ordered dismissal from service of altogether 70 teachers for violation of court order by the previous left front government while issuing letters of appointment for them.
According to sources in the court, seventy teachers had been appointed in the year 2017 through TET qualification after they had attained two year special B-Ed course meant for physically challenged or mentally retarded students. But the matter had reached court following a dispute over special B-Ed and regular B-Ed courses and passing an interim order the high court had ordered keeping in abeyance issuance of letters of appointment. However, the advocates representing the qualified teachers had argued that there was practically no difference between special B-Ed and B-Ed as handicapped students attend classes side by side with normal students. 

Despite the high court's interim order, however, the previous left front government had issued appointment letters to the qualified teachers and they started working normally. But the matter again reached court by aggrieved aspirants who had missed appointments. Yesterday's order by the high court's division bench was pronounced as a result of the violation of the interim order whereby the issuance of appointment letters needed to be kept in abeyance pending final disposal of the case . All seventy teachers are now back on the roads for no fault of their own.