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One rape and murder accused, who was convicted escaped from Kamalpur subdivisional jail, when the prisoner along three other inmates of the jail was removed from their jail ward for kitchen activities on Wednesday morning. After the incident came to limelight, one jail constable was also suspended in charges of negligence in duties.
Accused prisoner Jani Tripura (25) and his closed friend Roshida Tripura were given imprisonment of 20 years of life term on January 30th, 2019 last by district and session court of Kamalpur.

When, both prisoners with two other inmates of  the jail were moved from their designated ward in the jail to a open space inside the jail for kitchen activities on Wednesday morning, suddenly prisoner Jani Tripura  crossed the boundary wall of the jail through a plastic pipe and escaped from the jail. After, few minutes the matter was noticed by the jail authorities and immediately jailer Binay Panedy informed the matter to Kamalpur police station.

Police said that district police administration has launched massive manhunt to trace the escaped prisoner and the incident was also informed to all police stations of the state.

However, in charges of dereliction in duties, one jail constable Amal Debbarma was suspended, who was in duty during the escaped bid of prisoner.