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Demand for irrigation in different parts of the state is increasing and in many places it is turning into agitation. Report of road blockade demanding irrigation facilities has already arrived from two places and in many other areas people have demonstrated in front of offices of the irrigation department.

Reports of road blocked demanding irrigation came from two places under Kadamtala and Damcherra block in North Tripura district. In Brajendra Nagar area under Kadamtala block people first locked the office of Panchyat and then blocked the road. The agitation was withdrawn after intervention of the block officials and assurance was given about some remedy.

Narendra Nagar, Piplacherra, Hezacherra villages under Damcherra Block are mostly depended on agriculture but due to lack of irrigation people are suffering. Few hundred of people of the villages recently resorted to demonstration and blocked the road for four hours.

An engineer of irrigation department Pijush Malakar was assaulted by the villagers when he went there and police had intervened to rescue him. People were aggrieved as the irrigation project constructed on River Longai in year 2000 is not functioning. 

 It is learnt that most of the irrigation projects constructed in the area during last twenty years are not working and people are demanding their immediate repair. Many of these projects including one on River Longai had never worked. 

Situation is so grave that most of the senior officials of the department are not visiting the areas fearing public agitation.