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In an unseemly incident, a group of allegedly unruly BJP workers and supporters on Friday attempted to physically assault sitting CPI (M) (Boxanagar) Shahid Chowdhury and ADC member Parikshit Murasingh in Kalikhala village market under Kathalia block in Sonamura subdivision.

It was informed that Shahid and Parikshit were grossly abused and attempts were made to physically attack them, however, presence of police personnel prevented the attackers from causing any physical damage to the duo.

The duo were later given safe passage.

Police sources said that yesterday the CPI (M) had organized a sit-in demonstration at Kalikhala village market under Kathalia block to press for a charter of demands in support of tribals, rural people and farmers.

As the sit-in demonstration progressed, a large number of alleged BJP supporters gathered close to the demonstration site and shouted counter-slogans against the opposition party. There was a police presence in the market place, so no untoward incident could take place.
But as the programme ended towards the end of the day,the mob waiting outside the market turned violent and tried to physically attack both Shahid Chowdhury and Parikshit Murasing when they were on their way out.They were showered with abuses and invective but the police escort managed to thwart all attempts of physical attack on them. They safely reached the Sonamura party office and informed the higher leadership of what had happened.