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Experts at Dibrugarh-based Regional Medical Research Centre (RMRC) have found that there is an alarming rise in cases of high blood pressure in the north-eastern region due to socio-economic and demographic transitions.

According to the latest study carried out by the RMRC under the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), New Delhi, the Northeast is witnessing socio-economic and demographic transitions with a marked rise in the prevalence of hypertension in the past few decades. The study shows that the prevalence of hypertension among the Mizo population has increased when compared to the results of a two-decade-old pilot study.

The pilot study had found a lower prevalence of hypertension among the Mizo population compared to other ethnic communities in the Northeast. It had found less than 5 per cent hypertension among the Mizos.

The latest study has, however, showed the prevalence of hypertension was 15.9 per cent among the Mizo population. By using various methods and models used for the analysis of the present-day data, experts have found that age, consumption of extra salt, usage of tuibur, a special form of tobacco, high body mass index and sedentary lifestyle are associated with increased hypertension among Mizos. The similar is the case with many other ethnic communities. The study has suggested that community-based lifestyle may alleviate the burden of hypertension.

“Rapid urbanization and change in lifestyle in the North East have resulted in a sharp rise in cases of hypertension or high blood pressure in recent years. Hypertension cases would rise further if causes responsible for such ailment are not controlled or managed,” an expert at RMRC said.

Source: The Sentinel