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Named after the courageous Ahom princess Joymoti, the Northeast Frontier Railways (NFR) launched a dedicated Railway Protection Force (RPF) women squad, Joyamati Bahini (or the army of Joymati) to “strengthen women security around Guwahati region within railway premises and trains.” The squad comprises 12 women: one sub-inspector and 11 constables.

The initiative comes after an increase — (46% to 75% from 2017 to 2018) of crimes against women commuters travelling in trains under the Lumping division of NFR. In 2018, the RPF assisted at least 301 distressed women and children in the same division. 

“Last year, a large number of women rail commuters, who had gone astray, were reunited with their families and hundreds of minor children rescued from different stations,” said Pranav Jyoti Sharma, Chief Public Relations Officer, NFR.
 The members of the Joymati Bahini will be in-charge of women and children. Photo Courtesy: NFR

The squad, comprising women sub-inspector and constables of the RPF, was officially launched by B.B. Mishra, Inspector General cum Principal Chief Security Commissioner of NFR at Kamkhaya Railway Station, Guwahati on January 19.

The members of the Joymati Bahini will be in-charge of women and children, especially by ensuring that no one breaches the sanctity of reserved compartments for women. 

 “They started their duty by interacting with women passengers at the Guwahati and Kamakhya Railway station,” said Sharma, adding “Passengers have also been told that they have the option to dial 182 immediately in case of any emergency on running trains or platforms.”

The Joymati Bahini is currently headquartered in the Guwahati railway station.  “They will police both train and station premises. More such squads are planned,” said Sharma