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The dry season is yet to begin, but the drinking water crisis is deepening in the hilly areas of Tripura especially the water scare Jampui, Sakhan and Shermoon hill ranges giving an impression of a hard days ahead.
The thirsty messages from these hills have stolen the sleep of the engineers of the Drinking Water Department who has started running after searching the water sources.
Recently two senior engineers of the department based in Kumarghat and Dharmanagar Sujit Das and Animesh Das visited the hills of Shakhan and Shermoon. Earlier the Chief Engineer of the department Sumesh Das visited the hills of Jampui range.
However, the department has completed one innovative water project which will be inaugurated on January 19. The Minister for Drinking Water Sudip Roy Barman will inaugurate the project and the departmental officers are expecting that it will meet up the crisis of a large area.
The Minister will stay in the hills for two days to assess the depth of the crisis and it is expected that few more project may be taken up after his visit. An official in the department said there is no dearth of fund for drinking water project and the minister is interested in taking up some new projects which will give result at the earliest. Meanwhile the Department and the district administration has already started distribution of drinking water through tankers and trucks in areas where there is no source of water and with the crisis increases this activities also will spread.

Source: The Sentinel