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Agartala: People of Tripura are habituated in seeing the Deputy Speaker of state Assembly Biswa Bandhu Sen speaking from the podium of the legislative house or from the dais as a leader of a political party. But He had another identity also as an artist when he appeared on the stage either it be a theater or a Yatra. But this time he is going to try his luck in a new field and all set to appear in silver screen.
Biswabandhu himself gave the clap stick of his debut film Shaktirupa in a simple function at the Kalibari premises of Dharmanagar. The entire crew of the film was present when Biswabandhu break a coconut following the ritual and busted into applause. An award winner director Supriyo Goswami will direct the film based on the story written by Krishna Dey. Goswami said the film will be shot in various locations of Tripura like Dharmanagar, Udaipur Matabari, Agartala and Unokoti Biswabandhu will appear in a very special role in the film while the other artists include Nibedita Mallik, Haran Dey and Manab Nandi. The film is being produced by Film Action Movie Production and the Srabani Pictures will remain in-charge of its distribution.

Source: The Sentinel