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On January 19, 2019; Tripura Chief Minister Biplab Kumar Deb unveiled the official logo of Tripura Tea and said it would help in getting a better scope in the market.

“Nothing exists without its name and logo is the identity of a product. It is very unfortunate that tea produced in Tripura did not have a logo till now. We have designed a logo. This will go a long way in promoting tea from the state,” Deb told reporters at an informal logo unveiling event at his official residence in Agartala this evening.

Tea industry started in Tripura over 100 years ago, in 1916, at Hiracherra tea estate in present Unakoti district.

The state now has 58 operational tea estates, among which 42 are individually owned, 13 are operated under cooperative societies and 3 are run by the Tripura Tea Development Corporation (TTDC). Nearly 3,000 small tea growers also run their small tea estates with government support. As per government estimates, 6,885-hectare land area is under tea cultivation in the state, in which 3.58 crore kg green tea leaf is produced annually.

Meanwhile, talks are on to facilitate the auction of Tripura Tea at Srimangal auction centre, which is in Bangladesh, right across the international border near Kailashahar in Unakoti district, 15 Km from here.

“If our tea is auctioned and sold in Bangladesh, they will benefit since they have a huge demand and shortage of supplies. We will also benefit from the large market. I have written to Union Commerce Minister Suresh Prabhu and the Minister for External Affairs about this issue,” Deb said.

He also said that tea produced in Tripura can be among the best quality tea produced in the country.
“Quality of tea depends on the number of leaves which are plucked in a season. In Tripura, 6,7 even 8 leaves were previously plucked. I have requested tea estate owners to pluck only 3 leaves from next season after the winter is over. I believe they will heed this request. We can have the best tea produced from Tripura in this way,” he said.

TTDC earlier announced ‘Tripureswari Tea’ brand to identify tea grown in the three corporation-owned gardens. However, the Tripura Tea logo would equally apply to all 58 tea estates in Tripura, TTDC chairperson Santosh Saha said.

The logo was designed by artist and designer Aparesh Paul. Tea Board India played a crucial role in getting the logo passed by the Centre.

Tea Board India Assistant Director Diganta Barman congratulated TTDC over the logo and said that he hoped the tea industry in Tripura would draw huge benefit due to the new identity of brand and logo.

 Source: Indian Express