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The Indian Navy today suspended the operation of pulling the body, which was detected last week using an unmanned remotely-operated vehicle (ROV) at a depth of around 160 feet inside a rat-hole mine at Ksan village in East Jaintia Hills district.
“The pulling of the remains, which the Indian Navy had tried since yesterday evening, was suspended. The decision was taken as too much disintegration took place with every pull by ROV jaw. We are waiting for further instruction from the Government,” rescue operations spokesperson, R Susngi informed today.
It may be mentioned that the families of four of the 15 miners trapped inside a 370-foot-deep coal mine in Meghalaya requested rescuers on Saturday to retrieve a decomposed body spotted by the divers so that they can perform the last rites.
Meanwhile, Susngi said that the Coal India Limited (CIL) continue de-watering in the two old shafts and run their pumps for 23 hours since yesterday evening till 5pm today at a total of 46 hrs and the total discharged of water is approximately 5216400 litres.
He also informed that the KSB operated their pump from 5 pm yesterday evening till 5pm today with a break of 1 hour for refueling adding that the pumping is altogether 23 hours and the total discharged of water is approximately 4554000 litres.
Meanwhile, the rescue operations spokesperson informed that the Odhisa fire service started their pump at 12 noon and continued till 5 pm and the total discharged is approximately 450000 liters.

He further added that the NDRF also provided their assistance with all their resources available to other agencies.

 Source: TNT-The North East Today