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“Your Dreams are mine now” by Ravinder Singh is yet another sensational novel with a sensitive ending. It is a serious but heart touching love story sets between an intelligent girl, Rupali, who takes admission in DU College, being apart from her family back in Patna and Arjun who is a Delhi guy and a senior to her. He is seriously in youth politics. She has her dreams and to complete them she is in Delhi. She is different from Delhi girls. She is not fashionable, her simplicity reflects by her dressing sense. Her first priority is education. While Arjun whose first priority is to win the elections and change the cruel system.
Their love story revolves around a serious issue which takes place in the college. They get closer in fighting against the evil people in cruel system. They are passionately in love. But their fight against the evil paid them much heavier. They didn’t expect it.
It is a title promising book. It will make you cry, laugh and happy. Some pages of the book seem boring but the suspense makes you engross to read the entire book. It is based on a social concept which raises a question in our society about women’s safety.
It answers you that why we should take the stands against evils in our society. It lets you know the necessity of youth in politics which is corruption less and works for better in our society. It's not that if you are not interested in politics, you can't read this book but you should read the book for the beautiful love story of Arjun and Rupali. You will notice that the stand against social issues should not be ignored. Overall the love story of Arjun and Rupali will touch your heart.