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Love, Corruption, Ambition is a 2011 novel by Chetan Bhagat Its story is concerned with a love triangle, corruption and a journey of self-discovery. R2020 has addressed the issue of how private coaching institutions for courses like IIT JEE exploit aspiring engineering students. How parents put their everything on stake for these coaching so that their children can crack engineering and other professional tests and change the fortune of the family. While a handful accomplishes their dreams others sink into disaster. The book unearthens the stark reality of this coaching industry which stands on scams, corruption and all kinds of criminal activities.
This book follows the story of two friends separated by their ambitions and passions yet connected by their love for the same girl. While Gopal, who has experienced the harsh realities of life due to poverty aspires to become rich, his friend Raghav is a boy from a well-off yet simple Indian family who desires to revolutionize India by fighting corruption. As they grow older, they disconnect from each other and are busy with their individual lives. But Aarti somehow ties them together being their mutual friend. Both of them are in love with the same girl and this incorporates the romance aspect of this book.
However after seeing what Raghav has gone through due to the joint revenge taken by the MLA and Gopal himself yet sustaining his determination to bring the revolution, Gopal decides to change somethings on his part and help his friend anonymously. He stops the affair he has with Raghav's girlfriend Aarti and lets go of her despite his unconditional love for her. He also asks Dainik to hire Raghav back. Things slowly improve for Raghav financially as he can now work on his articles, while Gopal is shown to slowly become a better person. Although in the end we see Gopal is alone and prefers to be isolated, he is indeed rich and successful as he wanted to be and Raghav,who is now married to Aarti and almost the MLA (since his in-laws mildly involved with politics helped him) sees his dream of bringing about change as well.